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Wanting to learn blacksmithing

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The IVBA has open forge at Carlinville. I'm not sure what days they have it. But if you contact the IVBA, they can answer that. Try Steve Parker at 217-935-2797. Also, you may want to contact Lorelei Sims, in Charleston. She's on the east central side of ILL, but runs 5 Points Blacksmith Shop. Call during the day and you will probably catch her at the shop. Her number is 217-345-1159. If she can't help you on the teaching end, she may be able to recommend someone in your area that can. Don't give up. Follow the idea. Good luck. :)

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I whole heartedly second what George said, CONTACT LORELEI SIMS!!! She is a fantastic smith and fun to be around! I attended a seminar a few yrs back and learned more in that 2 day session than should be allowed! :P

She has written a book "The Backyard Blacksmith" and I use this book for projects when teaching my students. You can get a signed copy from her at this site; www.blacksmithchic.com Don't give up and good luck with your quest.

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