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Somethin for mom?

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All good ideas above. You can also make a stand, hanger, or something for one of those colored glass gazing balls or big rocks and if she REALLY wants her yard not to be boring ya just can't beat a guillotine for squirrels ;)

I would love to see a blue print or a least a quick sketch of the guillotine for squirrels. That sounds like a lot of fun and takes care of the over population problem around here!
We have worked on many ideas but this has a strange attention getting quality that I am oddly enough drawn to! hehe
Thanks Tim
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It was just a thought that came to me as I was answering that post so the blueprint is in my (sick) head. After writing that though I think I am gonna make one...probably non-functional, though I may hang a squirrel tail on it next chance I get. You shoulda seen the one that got away....:D

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Thanks for all the replies, guys

I think I will do a shepherds hook, attempt a heart/flowerpot holder, and see if I can design a scrolly/twisty birdhouse holder :)

The squirell guillotine sounds interesting, but no squirrels around this neighborhood :) Funny idea anyhow, lol.

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Well I took youse guys' suggestions and put them to use..
I just got a leg vise and am getting used to it, here's a shepherd's hook i tried.
And also a weird improvised heart/horseshoe contraption

I dont have an angle grinder yet, forging them welds down is all I can do, so they aren't the prettiest things in the world :) I always have a great respect for artist blacksmiths, there's always a tool to make or a technique to learn for each peice! Also here is my new leg vise from richard thibeau

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