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case hardening


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I buy kasenite #1 in a 1 LB can from MSC tools. Heat the piece to a good red, sprinkle on the powder, back in the forge to bright red and hold for a minute, and then plunge into water and swirl around.. nifty stuff. Also works good for eye drifts, etc. made from mild steel.

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An old blacksmiths simple way to produce a case hardened type finish on steel without using toxic materials can be made as follows from Wheat flour, salt and water.

Mix two teaspoonfuls of water, half a teaspoonful of flour, and one teaspoonful of salt and make into a paste.

Heat the steel to be hardened enough to coat it with the paste by immersing it into the composition and it should adhere to the metal.

Then heat the paste covered area to a Cherry red and plunge it into cold soft water.

If done correctly the steel will come out with a white surface and be appreciably hard.

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