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Belt Grit, abrasive and Manufacturer You Use


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I need to purchase some sand paper / belts for some of my equipment to use on metal. I am primarily a woodworker so most of my stuff is for that. I have also orderd a 2x72 sander.

Hammer makers: What Grits ranges, Abrasive types and manufactures do you use. And what do you use the most of. Do you have a preferred on-line supplier.

Knife Makers: Same question.

Brian, what do you use to finish your hammers?

I'll have to order on-line and figure I might as well just stock up on the right stuff and be done with it. THe local home depot just doesn't carry much of this kind of stuff. They have some but never all that you need. Certainly no 2x72 anything.

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To me there are a couple of lines of thought on belts. One is they aer disposables and buy the cheapest you I can get and toss them when needed.
I bugy the very best I can get and use them aloong time. I make mirror polished knves mostly from stainless steel. I also make my own pattern welded steel billets and have made a lot of tools including hammers. I use the same belts on all of these items.The brands I use and the suppliers arfe not all the same. The specific belts I use are all listed in bp 0235 and I believe it is in the list of those being headed back to this site sometimes....soon I hope.
The other item that i need to cover here is belt sanders for metal work. You may have already seen that belts for some grinder sizes are difficult to find and or more pricey than other sizes. I use a 2" x 72" variable speed grinder. For me some belts work better at different speeds. Any of the abrasive suppliers and I believe all of the knife making suppliers carry a wide range of belts in that size.

If I were you I would use the grinder you have coming and get a handfull of belts and see what it does for you. After a while you decide you have the persistance and desire to move along then upgrade and keep that grindere for handle works or wotgever you like itto do.

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I built a belt grinder a few years ago. Being pragmatic, I built the grinder to fit what was available from Grainger. 2x48 was my choice. I have LONG since stopped buying belts from Grainger. My welding supplier gets them for me. 2 x 48 Norton Norzon 80 grit (the blue ones). Box of 10. They cut like crazy ( but I'm not into the dark side like Rich :) ). I have not had a wheeled rock grinder for 20 years anyway ( aside from the hand helds). Each has his own needs and tools. The time may come that I get a bench grinder again ( small one ) for a couple of specific needs but I ain't lookin for one just now.

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I use the Blaze ceramics in 36,60 and 120, and Trizact(Gator) structrued abrasives for the finer belts. I have a GIB(PolarBearForge) 2"x72" with a 3Ph 1.5Hp motor run off of a VFD for variable speed. The belts hold up well... I make knives, but am a rookie still...
I'm running 60 and 120 grit 9" discs on my disc grinder now.
You can extend the life of the ceramic belts by dressing them with a diamond dressing tool.....
I do have a few Jflex Klingspor for cutting plunge lines, handles and other slackbelt work....

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