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Ralph update 7-2-06


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Ralph is doing very well now. He was moved from Intensive Care to Progressive Care yesterday afternoon. The disappointing news is that the clot buster drug didn't get all of it, there is still significant clotting in the arteries that lead to the lungs. But it is not restricting breathing now, and the pulmonary specialist assured me this morning that it is unlikely clots will cause a problem later on, now that he is on blood thinners. They expect for them to dissolve slowly over time.

For the most part he's feeling pretty good. In fact, he's starting to get BORED!, which is a great sign! :) He's in good spirits and was able to sit in a chair today and will slowly start walking around his room and such. The doctor said today that he will likely get to go home Monday or Tuesday!!

He was already on medical leave when this attack happened and won't have to go back to work till January, which is a blessing.Thank you again for all your support!!! Many blessings and warm regards,

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Ralph had to have blood, afterall. He got two units on Wed, which kept him in the hospital for longer than we were hoping, but he's coming home today!! I'm so glad. It's been a L O N G ten days!

Ralph will have our laptop with wireless Internet on his lap here at home by this afternoon, so I'm sure everybody will be hearing from him soon.

Thanks again for your support! Dawn

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