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The Bradley has Landed!

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I went and picked up my new hammer on Thursday and it is now sitting pretty in my shop.
I'm amazed at how much bigger the Bradley is compared to the Little Giant. At twice the rated hammer weight, the Bradley weighs 3 time what the LG does.

Last picture is outside the shop door... Its sunset season!






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That thing dwarfs the L-G. Glad you got it there, I just wish it was closer to my shop (4 hour drive to play)
I like the tie down job you did, lots of chains and binders that thing was not going anywhere.
Now get to work on the footing and bolt it down. Oh I have some 1 inch threaded rod if you need it

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I think 1500 is light. My 40# Bradley anvil wt. is 900#. My 125# guided helve anvil 2500#. We have a 200# like yours but haven't done any thing with yet.
Yours is a little different as the dies angled. First time I have seen that on a Bradley.

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I'll bet your right. The hammer is said to way 5700 pounds in the literature I got. From my understanding this hammer is from the 40's and the angled dies are not typical. I like that they are on an angle though.

Thanks Jim-
I need to get a video camera or have someone come and shot the vid. I'm itching to get it running... I'll see just how good my floor is. I'm hoping to move it and the forges outside- but I need to build the building first.

Thanks Francis! I'm very happy with the Bradley purchase

Anyone have a diagram for the suggested base for this hammer? The base of mine is 44" square with the anvil protruding about 8" Seems like 1.5 yards of concrete is all I'll need

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Ralph S. has some great info on hammers over on the New England Blacksmiths site, including factory literature for the Bradley Compact hammers. There is a drawing of a Bradley foundation there, scroll down about half way. It's a long page, but full of good stuff. http://newenglandblacksmiths.org/power_hammer_info.htm

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I don't know if they did or not. I'm just getting to know about the Bradley hammers. Seems like a reasonable thing for them to offer considering what they were will do for "custom" applications.

Francis- Thanks, I will see if I can find a copy. That book has been referenced a bunch of time as a good source of info.

Thanks for the link! Great source. Has a bunch of stuff on Nazels to Rob, worth the look

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