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Ten Commandments

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When I first started going to the Western Canadian Blacksmith Guild shop many years ago on the wall, framed for all to see, was the Ten Commandments. These were written by one of the founders, his name is John Babcock.

This blacksmith I have mentioned before, but to recap, he is in his 80's, started smithing at 12 and continued for 60+ yrs. One thing he likes to do is write poetry and these commandments are his creation and I suspect pearls of information passed down to him over time.

Here it is as it is seen on our wall.

The Blacksmiths Ten Commandments

Wander not into a blacksmith shop to loiter or fret.
The Blacksmith will steer you to the door and tell you to get.

Never touch a blacksmiths tools or his fire.
To put you out the door will be his main desire.

Show respect for your fire, make sure you keep it clean.
A dirty fire will make you look unskilled to the point of being green.

Never pound iron with too low or too high heat.
The job will be a failure, you will end up in defeat.

Hold your temper as in a good piece of steel.
Ignore how others may holler, or at times squeal.

Never argue with a blacksmith is one point that does hold true.
Having a lifetime of experience, he knows what to do.

When your work is done by the blacksmith make sure you pay his fee.
He too has great expenses, nothing in life is free.

Show respect for the blacksmith each time you pay him a call.
This will make him more eager to serve you one and all.

Share good humor with the blacksmith, it's sure to be a good plan.
After all he is only human, and a most important man.

Be a good friend with a friendly blacksmith are words that do hold true.
Give him your best, and he will give his best to you.

These are the sacred commandments by which blacksmith's abide. Enforced since the beginning. Through out the centuries they have been proven and tried.

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