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After two and a half years of being unemployed my oldest son has a job!!! He got on full time job at the new Walmart just 2-1/2 miles from us. He took the graveyard shift stocking shelves so he could get one of the few full time positions. Graveyard is the only full time positions that they have for none supervisor positions. Now I can quit paying his necessary bills! He will have health insurance, finally, after he is there for three months, employee discount after one month and all the other benefits of a full time employee. Thank God for prayers answered.

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In his age group out here the unemployment rate is near on to 20+% not he national average of 9% so it really is an answer to prayer. He has been so depressed this past year thinking all was lost, really despondent would be being kind. I have never had a problem with getting a job but then I have never been unemployed during a depression either. He had a choice of two positions, one working in the deli department slicing meat for customers or working full time stocking shelves at night. So far he has enjoyed stocking the shelves and worked very hard at it finishing his two departments well ahead of schedule and asking if there was more work he could do. His supervisor has been impressed with his work attitude. He comes home happy. God is good!

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