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My first knife


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About a week ago, prior to finding this site, and with only a little research, I made this knife. It's not real pretty, but it is functional. I made it from a leaf spring. I heated it to a bright orange, and straightened it. I then used my angle grinder and the stock removal method to grind it to the shape I wanted. I ground and filed the edge, heated it to a bright orange again, and quenched it in used motor oil. Cleaned it up a bit, sharpened it, and wrapped the handle with a double layer of paracord.

Then I found this site, and started reading. I didn't temper it. When I hardened it I didn't check it with a magnet. I didn't anneal it properly before I started.


It's holding an edge really well, even after punching holes in a car door I have sitting around. I placed it in my vise and beat the crap out of it with a 3 pound hammer. It flexes, but doesn't bend or break. I intend to abuse the heck out of it and see how it holds up. Picture attached.


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pretty good for for first attempt and just using your wits to make it. I am finding that once you learn the proper techniques for creating knifes, you will gain more confidence and create better and better knifes.

still not too late to temper it, just remove the cord and heat to 400 degrees for an hour or so a couple of times.


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Not at all bad for a first go. Good choice for steel too though there's no guarantee leaf spring is 5160, my guess this is. 5160 can be very forgiving in heat treatment so I'm thinking you lucked out on the steel.

Read some from the knife section and talk to the folk. You're already off to a good start but there's nothing like being able to talk to folk who know what they're doing.

Oh yeah, Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!

Frosty The Lucky.

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