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Anvils are like tattoos... You can't stop at one.....

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So. I bought my first anvil 5 months ago. A 119# Kohlswa with a nice clean face and rough edges for $150, then last month I found a 300# Fisher for $360, it had an awesome face but the horn was missing a few inches but had been chiseled to shape long ago by all appearances.

So I CAN"T STOP looking for deals on CL... I found a little 55# anvil and bought it. I got it for $140.
Not as good a deal as my other two per pound, but it was the first small anvil I've seen that wasn't either a Farriers anvil, or a Chinese ASO...
I have a 3"x6"x10" 81# forklift tine cutoff that I got for a bench anvil, so I didn't "need" it, but wanted it for it's uniqueness.

It has two handling holes, a 3/4" hardie hole, a 3/8" pritchel hole and is stamped 52. No other markings.
The rebound is 60-70%.
The edges are rounded a bit, and the face looks like it was chipped in a few areas due to being struck with a chisel? Those areas have been hammered on enough that the have shunts(right word?) closing them over a bit....It's absolutely covered in small chisel marks.
The face is flat, and there is zero sway on the back.
Any ideas on the make? No desire to sell, just want to know the history if possible.

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You got some great anvils for cheap........ I don't think this guy in New Mexico sells them either......awesome collection..... B).....I'd rather see em used but they'll still be around when he's gone, I think maybe the anvils own him........I don't know if he has tattoos but if he does there's not much vacant skin left.......


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I looked at it closer today. It's forge welded from 4 pieces it appears. I don't see any other marks. It has a nice patina and looks to have been wire wheeled/brushed.

The feet, and waist have obvious forging/weld seams along with the face. The whole anvil is slightly askew. Mostly in the feet as one side is splayed out more than the other... It looks like the feet were hammered to shape with a big hammer... (I picture a Bradley Helve hammer and a blacksmith toiling away)...I looked at Anvilfire and it looks more like a Hay Budden or a Peter Wright..
It rings like a steel anvil, not a thwack like my Fisher.

Maybe made by a Blacksmith?

It's a cool little anvil and I'm liking it more and more. biggrin.gifthumbsup.gif




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I guess I'm behind I have three tattoos and only two anvils but I am thinking about getting a tattoo of an anvil.
My first real anvil is a TFS 100 lb. anvil. I was disappointed with the company I ordered from when I ordered a double horn but got a single insted.
My next was a combo deal I got from a friend. I have not seem him in several years and when he discovered I was blacksmithing offered me a deal as he tried blacksmithing but did not like it. The combo includes a rivit forge with a champion blower attached, a well used Fisher anvil and about 40 lbs of coal for $300.00. Needless to say I dug up the $300.00 by the end of the week and had the anvil in my shop building a new stand for it. I never get deals like this only hear about them happening to others so I was real tickled at the find.




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