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Just another newbie needing advise

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There are over 1/4 million posts on IForgeIron, 5,511 topics or questions, and 64,869 replies in just the *Blacksmithing, General Discussion* section alone. You need to slow down just a bit and read what has already been posted on IForgeIron. Others have already ask these questions, many times, and have been given good answers and information.

There are some 18,000 photos in the IForgeIron gallery and about that many more in the forum. These should give you a good start as to what can be made.

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Either way, welcome to iforgeiron - hope you find the site helpfull and enjoyable.

As an idea to a first make saleable item you might want to consider these.. although practice allot more and then obviously make them way better than mine here. - You will usually find them up on etsy somewhere - and in many different designs. - Stick with the wall hooks - the j`s are not as popular.


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There are threads on fair and festival wares every spring.
hot items include, but are not limited to:

(un) Folded cross
fire pokers
fire tongs
fireplace sets and stands
BBQ forks
steak turners
drive hooks
fire trivets (3 legged things to hold a pot over/next to the coals)
tent stakes

don't forget artwork stuff

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