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Hi everyone.
I'm very new to forging. In fact i'm going for my first course next weekend.
Hoping I enjoy it and if I do I will start up smithing regularly as a hobby and hopefully on into business if I get good and experienced enough.

I've asked in the forges forum about a start up forge and i'd also like to know what would be a good start up forge, and where to get the basic tools?
I'd like to get as much info on these things, so I can start costing everything up and get onto working!

So what would work for me as a basic anvil, and what sort of cost?
Also where are the best places to buy, or look for potential anvils?

I guess when I go to look at one, i'm looking for a nice smooth surface on top and no obvious damage or bad rusting. I'm sure i've seen buyers testing anvils for a nice rebound off of a hammer too.
Any advice is gratefully accepted!


PS - Forgot to mention that i'm in Oxfordshire, in England!

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Asking opinions about tools is like asking on a car forum about the "best" car, everyone will have their own answer. My advise is to find a blacksmithing group near you and try equipment that other folks have, and if at all possible take a course or two. That way you can get the feel of equipment and make a more informed choice about what works best for you, what you can afford, and what tools you wish to invest in first.

That said, ask around and let people know that you are looking for blacksmithing equipment, anvil, hammers, leg vise, tongs, etc. You never know what someone might have collecting dust. As a youth I was helping a friend make repairs on his sister's house, the friend asked his brother-in-law, and found out the the brother-in-law had an 80lb anvil in the back of his van. Others on this forum have similar stories, having asked around and found some good blacksmithing tools just by letting everyone they knew know about their search for blacksmith tools.

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Ok, added my location to my profile now.
Might have found a deal for an anvil, forge and a few tools. well John B found it for me and i'm very grateful.

~£450 for an anvil, forge and tools.
Will give the guy a call in a while. See if I can go visit and have a look.

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