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Look at this beautiful fairbanks #150 for sale...

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We paid $4k for our excellent condition Dupont model E (the exact same as a Fairbanks) but it included the motor, a great heavy duty jackshaft/pulley assembly, and belts. It was also reasonably local, just a long day trip to pick it up, so little shipping cost. Plug and play (after the foundation cured), I feel it was well worth $4000. Don't think I'd go to $6500 as a professional smith for the same reason Southshore mentioned, but for a serious hobbiest looking for crown jewels, well, guys spend more than that on vintage cars and motorcycles every day.

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Well i suppose its all in the buyer..Some might say we overpaid for our 50# little giant at $3800 but it has been rebuilt and has had many new forged and machined parts with better fit and tolerances. It also came with 4 sets of dies, two tool holders and five different tools..After looking for a long time and being able to pick it up I was happy to pay $3800 for it..
Clifton Ralph said it was the best running 50# he had ever used, that kind of recommendation didnt hurt either..

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KYBOY, you got Danny's hammer?

Glad to hear it. I've used that hammer and it's a good 'un. (It's got to be Danny's hammer unless Clifton says that to all the 50s.)

yep, I got Dannys...Spent what time I could spare talking to Danny and looking at his shop..Seems like a real good guy and has one heck of a shop..
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