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rivet question

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The forge watering cans that I've seen are simply split into a "Y" at the ende and then the individual legs of the "Y" are drawn to a point. The can is pierced at opposite sides near the rim and the legs of the "Y" heated and turned inward into the holes in the can.

I assume that when the can finally rusts out you can just pull it off. Heat the "Y" ends with a torch lightly and put them into the new can.

I guess a person could just lightly collapse the new can a bit at the rim to fit it onto the holder and then pull the dent back out to secure it in place. Make sense? :wink:

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Thanks to both of you. I didn't think of the "Y" idea, Elkdoc. Pretty slick. After I posted I did go out and do what Strine suggested (although I did it before I received your post ;) ). The radius holds the can in with spring tension.

Well, I got so fired up (no pun intended) about spring tension, that I made a hold-fast for myself. The 1/4" stock I was using fit right into the pritchell hole in my anvil. Pretty sweet.

Also, I forged one of those things to hang your bird feeders and such off of. It came out kind of crap, but I'm giving it to my mother-in-law anyway. ;)

All-in-all I had a VERY productive day. Now, if I don't pass out from heat frustration (sic), I'll be doing alright.


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Why try to reinvent the wheel, just USE a watering can!

We will not mention any names here, as the forum encourages free thinking and finding solutions to problems.
Some of us just do that better than others, right Leah ?
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Let me explain how all the "pink" stuff started. I was the frst woman they ever had in the pulp mill maintenance crew. I had been working at the mill in another department and going to trade school for two years ,so I already knew some of the guys. Still, I was not sure how they would feel about working with a woman. I worked with them for a week and then took an (already scheduled) vacation. When I got back, they had broken into my locker and painted all my tools PINK. This was not done to hurt me, it was their way of letting me know it was going to be OK. The funny thing was, after a shutdown, when everybody is using everybody's tools, I could always find mine and get them back. I started doing the same thing with my blacksmithing tools when I went to a school or hammer-in. It has just sort of grown from there. jwolfe made me two pink sacks for coal and my fire maintenance tools. Paw Paw, Guru and Brian Black had something to do with a pink anvil blanket, because even I will not paint a peddinghaus pink. Every time Jim C makes me another tool, it somehow ends up with pink paint on it. My shop looks like a Pepto Bismol factory exploded in it :lol:

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Hahaha. I'm glad I finally know the story. Hmmmm good idea for identification. Are you sick of pink yet, though? :)

Maybe I should paint all my stuff blue. It seems everything I own is blue; my Jeep, my Harley, my jeans...you get the idea. :D

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