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Borntoolates latest Project


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Just some pics of what I'm working on. I welcome comments especially ideas to improve. I mostly learn on my own other than a few visits to a club around here and what I can read or watch from the internet.

Currently making a three legged fireplace tool holder. THis will hold some pieces I already made or I inherited over time from others.






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The components look uniform and well mated. Is it going to be a tripod or a linear wall mount unit?

I usually try not to twist bends as it makes the proportions seem to change as it rounds the bend. Still, I've seen people pull it off well.

Looking good so far, well done.

Frosty the Lucky.

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A good book titled, "Otto Schmirler: Fur Den Kunstschmied" shows examples of fireplace equipment on pages 18 through 25 as designed by Master Smith Otto Schmirler. This book is the fourth book in his series demonstrating and talking about design considerations in the various items he has designed and produced.

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I think that it's looking fine,so far.Wonder how you'll attach them together,in a bundle(i presume?)?.

The reliance on using that factory lengh in between the forged elements is detrimental both to your skill[level build-up,and to the look of a finished work.I PERFECTLY understand the motivation behind it,wasn't born skilled,either:),but do try to eventually work your way into forging ALL surfaces.
Even the plain-twist doesn't look quite right using rolled stock,the corners are neither sharp,nor deliberately radiused.It was never intended to look forged,and it does not.Try to help it,it wants you to!:)
Good going,not a simple project,good for you to challenge yourself!

Very best of luck,Jake

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Rack is done. Tools to follow

I have put all of the metal in the fire and hammered the corners for a slight radius. Mostly to remove the as purchased mill scale but also to take the edge off. A lot of what I have made is from rebar or whatever. I have frankly gotten tired of hammering for too long to make round stuff square or whatever.

The twist at the bend wasn't exactly planned. I started the feet on the wrong side. a touch of blacksmith dyslexia I guess. So I put the 180 degree twist in to fix that. Yes this did not make the bend easy. I actually did all three bends at the same time by heating them equally at the same time and putting then all in my hardy bending fork, held tightly together at the same length. This worked quite well. The twist did cause a little bit of "untwist" perhaps while making the bend. Two of the feet were slightly off from flat to the floor once the whole thing was assembled. This was easily fixed at the vice with a little cold bend adjusting.


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