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I am planning on taking the weeklong beginning class at Robb Gunter’s G3 Forgery School of Blacksmithing. Before I make my decision final I would appreciate comments from anyone who has attended. What did you think of the school and did you feel that it was worth the time and money it took to attend?



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Although I have not taken a class from Robb, Chad, or Brad, I have attended a conference where they were the demonstrators. It is amazing the knowledge these guys will give out and they are top shelf people. I have been to the school and have seen the facilities and they are 2nd to none. Our son lives in Alq., N.M. and one of the days we are going to schedule a visit when I can take a class. I have also been to Robb's studio on numurous occasions and he always seems to have time to show me what projects he is working on. I can't speak highly enough of them. In my opinion, you will be doing yourself a disservice by not take a class from them. take plenty of pics for us when you go and post here! We do like Pics.

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I too have not attended a class the G3; however Rob, Brad and Chat are *all* top notch smiths and I have attended several demos they have done for the local ABANA Affiliate at their shop as well as Rob's at Quad-State back when it was still at Emmert Studebaker's place.

As Thomas mentions their smithy is specifically designed as a teaching shop and set up so beautifully for it and so well equipped that it fairly makes me cry when I go back to mine hovel!

Brandon if you are in the neighborhood and have time you're welcome to stop by my place just outside Socorro NM right off of I25.

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Thanks for all of the replies. I have scheduled my vacation and sent in my deposit of the September class at G3. Now I will have to get a new camera so I can post some pictures.

Frank, I already mailed my deposit when I saw your response. Maybe next year I can take a more advanced course from you. I am in Santa Fe several times a year on my way to Pagosa Springs, I will try and stop in next time.

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I am back from class and had an absolutely wonderful time. I really can not say enough good things about the school and Chad and Brad Gunter. They are fine craftsman, wonderful teachers, and very gracious. They really have a gift for conveying the skills of this craft to their students. Everyone in the class was able to learn the basic skills of blacksmithing during the week class. In addition to the basics we also learned to forge and heat treat tool steel and forge welding. If there was anything we wanted to learn that was not part of the curriculum they made sure to find some extra time to show us. We were also encouraged to take pictures and dimensions of any thing we liked in the shop so we could copy them for our own use.

The facility is top notch. There were 12 forging stations fully equipped with a coal forge, leg vise, good anvils, and all the tooling. Also available for our use were two treadle hammers, swage blocks, a floor cone, belt grinders, and pretty much any tooling imaginable. Though not part of the class there were 4 Little Giant power hammers, which I managed to sneak in a little time on. It was great to work in a fully equipped shop it really helped me decide what my next tool purchases will be. It was also eye opening to be surrounded by this much equipment and see how much work can be done with just the hammer and anvil.

If you are thinking of getting instruction I highly recommend G3 Forgery School of Blacksmithing





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