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Want to be on TV

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I wonder if it will be a vote for your favorite type of show. Maybe I should enter. Hahahahahaha, yea right. I would be the comic relief. I would like to see the Blacksmith episode. Then people would get the "Movie" version of the blacksmith out of their mind and see how it's really done.

Mark <><

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I was hoping for the cover of The Rolling Stone but I may try out for at least three of the categories!


DD -Oyster Shucker,Valet Parker, and Grocery Bagger? :P -grant
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I forwarded this to two of my local buddys.... A few weeks ago one was in the final running... On Friday he got the news he was in...

Sounds like its going to be a strange deal..... They are sending all the competing smiths to California to compete on a project.... They will be given a list of tools but not told what the project is...

I wouldn't feel good about doing that... A big part of "who I am" is my shop and tooling... Which is one of the reasons I didnt put my name in the hat.... Im not the "best in the biz" Im just a guy who likes to play with metal...

I cant wait to see my buddy on TV though !

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Interesting they went to CA, the production house is in Boston, I could have used some sun! I'm with you on the tools Larry, much of what makes my work different (not the best) is my set up, I do enjoy improvising MacGyver style though. I look like a fool much to often I really didn't need any help from a reality show.

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