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I Forge Iron

The Best Blueprints of 2006

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BP0235- knife finishing by Rich Hale
BP0078- metallurgy of heat treating by Rober Nichols
BP0365- flux applicator by Bill Epps/Jr Strasil
BP0366- multi position knife vise by Rich Hale
BP1002- Hofi hammer technique by Uri Hofi
BP0156- Knife clamp by Garey Ford

I think they're all '06, all the BPs are cool, these are the ones I find most helpful.

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The best ones have been to do with just forging iron (The site is Iforgeiron afterall). All the others, the ones that deal with working metal in a general sense I just skip over. They are of only passing interest to me. Sorry Folks.

Hey Glenn, I bet you'ld love to have the edit feature back!

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I think it'll be interesting to see where this goes. I couldn't point to a single BP and say "that's the one that's influenced me the most", having pretty much just started this process around the beginning of '06 I've found all the BP's to be usefull, especially the ability to go back through all the past ones and search for something related to whatever I'm working on at the moment. I've only directly used BP301 (thanks again JW) to make gifts for the women folk in my family, and Mike-hr's "spinning bolster wheel". Having said that I'm pretty sure I've applied many of the principals from numerous BP's to my general work and have grown just from seeing multiple different perspectives on how stuff can be done.

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I've read quite a few of the BP's. I really like the BP0078 metallurgy of heat treating by Rober Nichols. I'm new to blacksmithing and the whole "heat treating and hardening" thing was fuzzy to me. I have a much better understanding of those processes and what they do to steel now.

Thanks to Robert Nichols for putting it together.


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The BPs on Flux Containers, Campfire Tripods, and Glenn's various junkyard visits, seeing things different and storage were all informative and useful. My picks for immediate most useful to me were:

BP 0072 - Hammer Making by Jr Strasil; BP 0129 - Ring Roller by Garey Ford; BP 0326 - Courting Candle by Gerald Franklin.

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