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Two burner gas forge


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Test firing of the burners of a two burner gas forge we are building . Next is to cut out the doors on the two end caps and add kaowool and ITC 100.post-670-0-62708100-1305407951_thumb.jpg

Your flames look good. If I may ask is that going to be the burner placement as far as how deep into the forge? It has been my experience that you should raise the burners up quite a ways. The way they are positioned now it will be an oxygen rich environment being that close to the floor. And also will create cool spots. Sorry if you already know this.
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Looks good and it looks like a thick double layer of insulation will cover most of the burner tubes inside the forge. If you have much if any burner tube sticking out or even faced even with the interior liner wall they will burn up pretty fast if your doing much forge welding, even if the nozzles are stainless. I'm using a pair of T-Rex burners in mine and I positioned them at an angle for more of a swirling flame (seems to distribute the heat more uniformly). Also looks like you have the burners tuned good, looks like a real fire breather. Wes

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