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My First Post Vise!


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I got this 4.5" post vise on ebay for $41 USD. Unfortunately the shipping was as much as the vise. :angry: Ohh well... i was willing to pay and now that i have it in hand im happy i did. It weighs approx 45lbs. The threads on the screw and screw box are in great shape. It has a nice patina. Now all i have to do is make a spring and mounting plate.

And my meager collection of blacksmithing tools slowly continues to increases in size......... :D





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You did not do too bad, I have picked them up for $50.00 and would never sell one for less than $80 and have sold for as much as $225.00. So I think you did ok, the screw does look good that is the main thing you want to look at. The spring is an easy fix, I used mild steel on my 6 inch vise and it works fine. The mount can be a little more challenging, lots of different ways to build a mount. I forged one out of 1 1/2 inch square stock, slit and drifted for the wedges. There are easier ways to do the mounting bracket, this is just what I wanted for my vise

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Once I saw the U-bolt trick done on Columbian Vises stock from the manufacturer I've used it several times with variations---including bolting a large piece of sq tubing into an I beam holding up the roof of a shop and then bolting the vise with a U bolt into the sq tubing---gave a bit more distance from the vise to the wall and a place to set tools.

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I've looked over this vise several time looking for any identifiable marks and all i come up with is an S followed by what could be a T, F or E on the movable leg but i cant make out anything else. I was interested in the make and age but have no idea how to find out. The seller only new that it was from an estate sale in N.Y.

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