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a fair offer for a forge

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I want to make a fair offer for a forge my friend left with his heirs. (I miss him!) It is a rusted unit that needs a new pan at least. His estate has not been settled yet and I don't know anything about the real value of this forge. the clinker breaker still turns, but the cover on the bottom seems to be rusted in place. I only used my bare hands to try to open it. Any suggestions?

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On the casting of the firebox(?) I saw "Centaur Binghamton(?) Wis. I have no pictures.

Centaur Forge Burlington WI. They are still in business ( about half hour from my house! )
Web site : http://www.centaurforge.com/?gclid=COKa5eytyqgCFUiK4AodFjJipA

You might be able to find the same forge on their web site.
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That will tell you what it is, and what it sold for new. What it sells for used, and in need of repairs will be different. It will come down to what can you afford. If you can afford $100 then that is what you can pay. If you can afford $50, don't pay $100.

The last 2 forges I bought were an older cast iron Champion style, and a really nice sheet steel pan Buffalo. I offered $75 on the Champion style, and $125 on the Buffalo, and got both. The Buffalo is ready to run as is, the Champion will need a little work.

It will come down to if you can really use it, or if it is just for sentimental reasons. The reason I say this is that you can build a solid fuel forge for practically nothing using scrap items.

Does the family even want to sell it?

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