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treadle / pedal powered blower design


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I saw a thread on another forum a while back, in which someone converted a leaf blower to a hand cranked blower using the back half of a bicycle, and was satisfied with the results. Just realize that the leaf blower was made to operate at high RPMs, so you'll need to generate some speed to get much "puff" from it. This guy figured he was getting 1100 RPMs, and that was good enough for his purposes -- but I don't know anything about his forge.

homemade leaf blower to hand cranked blower conversion

For some reason I can't see the Flash content in the post immediately before this one, so my apologies if I'm being redundant.

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Old style exercise bikes from yard sales for 3to5 bucks are the ticket for all sorts of powering. The wheel is out in front and you simply build a mechanism to lower whatever you want driven on to the wheel.Grinders,pumps,blenders(a local guy has a shaved ice machine on one),blowers.. I'm in process of hooking one up to my old Champion post drill...

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