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  1. Hi, I have some neighbors that would like to flounder with me and learn smithing. Over the years I’ve accumulated a bit of equipment ( couple of forges, few small anvils, swage blocks, cone mandrel, welders, tings, hammers, grinders, etc) Anyway, I’m fine sharing for a fuel and soda donation, but I’m concerned that if someone got hurt that it would cost me. So, how do you all handle sharing equipment and liability? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am trying to find some good pictures of a champion post drill. I lost some parts for a basket case drill I had when a tree fell on my shop. So, if anyone either has the missing parts and wants to sell them, or has good pictures of the missing parts so I can make them let me know. Location, Wilmington, DE
  3. I live in Wilmington, De and don't have a lot of time to travel to the Maryland or Pennsylvania meetings. I am trying to meet other local smiths that would either mentor me, or learn with me. Anyone interested and working together let me know. My interests are refining basic skills, civil war blacksmithing, and wheel wright. Thanks Kunk
  4. I have a 1999 dakota that I am parting, then going to scrap. I was going to save the leaf springs and the torsion bars for one day when I am better at making anything. Is there any other parts of the truck I should save? Any ideas of what to make and what to save are appreciated. Thanks Kunk
  5. Hi, I am trying to find a blacksmith group near Wilmington, De. Like within a 1/2 hr of Wilmington, I work 6 days a week and have school 3 night a week so cant travel too much. If there isn't one, I would like to start one. Anyone send me a message with interest. I have taken 2 classes, so basically I know nothing. I bought what I could from a small shop that closed up, so I have equipment and little skill. So if anyone nearby want to either teach me or learn with me drop me a note. Thanks, Kunk
  6. Hi All, I am trying to attend the fall New England Blacksmith meet up in Vermont from Sept 11 to the 13 http://www.newenglandblacksmiths.org/spring_&_fall_meets.htm I will be leaving from Wilmington, De. and am looking for anyone that is either going or wants to carpool. Thanks Kunk
  7. I am looking to purchase my first fly press. I am still new to smithing but have wrist issues. I've been looking at eBay and was thinking of going up to gold machinery in Rhode Island. Im not in a hurry though So I would like your opinions: 1) I was thinking a c frame was more versatile but would like to know what most people use. 2) how large to purchase. I usually work with 1 1/2 thick and less metal 3) in the Mid-Atlantic where should I look for a press 4) what should I look for in a press I appreciate any input
  8. For punching and drifting, you might try mixing up a little slurry or either coal dust or grahite and water. coat the end of your punch or drift with it before driving it through. It will lessen the friction and keep it from sticking. I use seed slick from napa auto. Can we see your punch? you might just have to change the geometry a little to keep it from bending. Also dip the punch or drift in the slack tub after every couple of hits to keep it cool.
  9. Is anyone from the Wilmington, De are is planning on going to the PABA meeting on June 7? If so, I would like to carpool. I can drive just looking to split fuel. Karl Phone number removed, it is not a good idea to post in a place where everyone can get it. including google
  10. I moved back to Wilmington and started getting my smithy back in shape. If any one is local and wants to meet up and make something send me a message. I have a couple of anvils, a couple vices, and a couple of forges , although they are having blower issues.
  11. I could not find how to search the forum from mobile. I have a champion 400 that has been sitting for 5 yrs. I poured a couple cups of diesel fuel in it. Let it sit for an hour. Then try to turn it. Rough turning. Added some ATF. Let it sit for an hour. Turned better. Lit a fire. Ran for about 1/2 of forging then locked up. Tore apart blower. Looks like brass / bronze? Gear that meshes with worm gear is wavy like a potatoe chip. Problem is trying to remove the two gears in housing. Do you just press them out? Thanks for all your help?
  12. I am so tired of seeing schools close the shop classes. I graduated in 1994, I had one marking period of wood shop and no metal shop experience. We had a nice shop at school but no teachers. I have tried to teach myself metal working, welding, and recently started black smithing. I just don't understand, we ship off the majority of the manufacturing jobs, then when we do have some jobs open there is a limited pool of people to fill the jobs. The community college I attend is trying to close its machinist training program due to lack of interest, but the nursing program has a waiting li
  13. So the clamps that hold the blower are are more like side plates that clamp in there and hold everything while strengthing the set up. Does anyone know where there is a set for sale?
  14. I do not have the clamps to hold it on. It is makeshifted on with hose clamps. I am hoping to see one complete so I can make the parts to clamp it on or to find the clamps at a swap meet. Thank, Karl
  15. Thanks for all of your help. I looked it over and it is very dirty a little surface rust on the gears but it spins real easy. All the teeth are intact. We filled it up with atf and it flows not drips but flows from behind the fan and from the crank handle. 1/2 a quart in the yard in 5 mins. Any ideas how to fix this? thanks karl
  16. Hello, I am suppose to look a champion blower tonight (June 27) thats for sale. I have never a hand crank blower (mine have been makeshift everything else). I dont want to spend a lot for it and then sink a bunch into it to make it work. So can you give me some pointers on what to look and how to test it out. Where to get repair parts? I work part time at a bicycle shop and from my understanding there are loose bearings and cones to check and that it should turn freely with 0.010 side play in the crank. I am also under the impression that there are fine threads on soft metal so it needs t
  17. Hi, I have a charity job that involves the making a very simple hair pin fence. I am unsure of the fastest and cheapest way to bend the hair pins. I do not have any benders other than a conduit bender. They will be made from 1/2 diameter steel rod the bend will be 180 degres with about a 2 inch radius or roughly 4 inch diameter. I need to make about 40 feet of the fence. Thanks karl
  18. Thank you all for the links. I figured someone must have done it already and I was trying to jump ahead on the learning curve.
  19. I am trying to make either a pedal or treadle powered blower from an old craftsman leaf blower. Before I spend too much time on this does anyone for see any issues? Thanks karl
  20. Hi, I live in Wilmington, Delaware and want to get started blacksmithing now that school is almost over for the summer. With fuel prices and my work schedule I have not been able to make it to any of the ABANA meetings. I think the closest one is over an hour away in Maryland. I am trying to meet some people that live within a 45 min drive of Wilmington, DE that enjoy working with metal and would be willing to work with a novice. If you are willing to drive further, I have some space on my lot and am in the process of setting up a small shop so we could work out of my house. Thanks, K
  21. I am trying to find a blower for my little forge. I have a 10 inch brake drum forge and have been trying to find a good air supply for it. The hair dryers do not give enough and the shop vac is too loud and too strong even with waste gates. I was looking at the 164 cfm blower from blacksmith depot http://www.blacksmithsdepot.com/Templates/cart_templates/cart-detail.php?theLocation=/Resources/Products/Forges_and_Parts/blowers/164_CFM_Blower does anyone have any other suggestions or reviews of this blower. I would like something cheaper and crank powered but looking to start forging
  22. This may be a stupid question but: How do you negotiate with scrap yards to buy scrap from them? I was at two of the local scrap yards in Delaware today scrapping some aluminum and copper. I saw some beautiful tool steel, railings, and channel. I tried to buy the material and was told no scrounging allowed. I had the same problem with the city dump. Some great metal being dumped and once again told no scrounging by order of law. So, how do all of you that boast about great finds at the junk yard end up with them? Thanks, karl
  23. I was wondering if it made any sense to wedge a piece of c-channel on top of my anvil to keep from beating up the face while I am starting out? I have an old and used columbia anvil, it has rough edges and a flat top. I can not tell how thick the top is and I do not want to tear it up during the learning phases. Also how do you care for an anvil? Lastly, my anvil has a 7/8 inch hardy-hole, will using tapered hardies in it cause internal stresses and make it more prone to cracking? Am I hitting the hardies too hard if I have to beat them out from the bottom to remove them?
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