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Yet another Vice screw fix!


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Several months ago I wrote in a thread that I had an Iron City vice with the screw and screw box wore out. A kind gentleman on this forum sent me some acme screw and a nut. I left the old screw and screw box alone and made new. So here is how I went about doing it.

I wished to remain true to somewhat "old school" lathe techniques so I started by figuring out a set of coordinates to make the ball that will hold the screw. After that I proceeded to start turning the rough dimensions. I made the screw ball as I will call it. In 2 pieces. The Cap and the Base. Here is the cap in progress.

And after filing down the rough out to smooth.

Next the Base




Here is the 2 pieces finished.


I next turned the acme screw to make a tight press fit. If you will notice I heavily chamfered the base to weld the screw in. I heated the base and then pressed the screw in the base. I then put the base and screw assembly on the oven for preheat in order to weld in place. Then put back in lathe and faced the base.


Then welded the Cap on and forged a handle using my power hammer.

Next the screw box. I turned the Base for it and bored a hole to make a press fit for the nut after turning the hex off 2 inches of it. Then I drilled through in 2 places for plug welding.

After welding the nut in I proceeded to forge the back cap to seal the screw from dirt. This was forged from 1 1/2 pipe.

And finally the finished product. post-13376-0-79223200-1303691015_thumb.j
Sorry if this is too long but I wanted to show most all of the steps. It works great and is good as new. I put all my weight on tightening and it never made a peep. Hope this is useful.


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Good work. Even the shape is about right for the original cast "bell shaped box." On the originals, I do see cast parting lines. I've always wondered what the ferrous metal was that Iron City used. I think that Columbian also cast their screw boxes. Casting them may have had to do with American innovative production, always trying to be speedy.

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