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Big Slick

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Beat out a Slick for Dad today. makes a pretty good trade for a conveyor for moving dirt out of the basement to be. ***** of a lot of beating to get the socket spread enough to roll it up. Can't wait til the ceramic blanket comes in and I can get another forge set up and the old one relined. One for small stuff and another for larger bits.
post-15973-0-13408400-1303521342_thumb.j post-15973-0-62373600-1303521347_thumb.j post-15973-0-19710400-1303521353_thumb.j post-15973-0-96788900-1303521358_thumb.j post-15973-0-83848800-1303521364_thumb.j post-15973-0-12514900-1303521371_thumb.j

And an interesting piece of scrap from the casualty at work. Stub shaft that holds the the track frame on the 527 Skid Cat broke. Was thinking maybe a base for my post vise, but not quite heavy enough. Might make a nice blade anvil if the face has two parrallel sides. Weighs 108lb when complete by the shipping slip for the new one.
post-15973-0-05615600-1303521379_thumb.j post-15973-0-07537700-1303521389_thumb.j post-15973-0-49472400-1303521398_thumb.j

Maybe back to arrow heads on sunday. all depends...

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Nice slick. Is it for log construction or other?

The shaft would make a decent anvil, mounting it level is just a matter of doing it so it comes out level. Do you have welding skills? A bucket or wash tub of concrete makes a fine expedient anvil stand.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Think Dad wanted it for post and beam type stuff. Was thinking the the larger piece of the stub shaft could sit on a block with a few spikes throught the bolt holes to hold it down. then its portable. The shorter piece if used just take the chainsaw and plunge cut a square hole into the end of a block, of sized right should fit plenty snug, and if not a few wedges might just work to lock it in place. Though it could be welded to the crank pulley I haven't pulled out of the scrap bin yet. It's off a Cat engine from a logging truck that burnt up (lot's of excitement that day!)

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