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Hi everyone I joined some time ago and yes I've been a lurker. I was thinking I have never introduced myself. So, my name is Keith. I live in Indiana across the Ohio river from Louisville Kentucky. I haven't been making knives long but am having fun figuring things out. I've been slowly getting a shop going and making my own tools and jigs as I go. Here's a picture of my last knife, my first successful forge welding. So greetings to all, Keith.




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Are you familiar with PTREE forge? Right in your neck of the woods and Jeff is a great guy!

No not heard of them, do they have a website. I will have to check them out. I'd like to get to know more makers locally. I'm still new at this that is my sixth or seventh knife. It is hard to think right now I'm working on passing a kidney stone, fun fun fun.

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Keith; He posts as Jeff Reinhardt over at www.forgemagic.com and is still not under water the last time he checked in!

Thanks Thomas, I'll check him out. The water keeps coming up here. No telling when it will stop. Be good river bank hunting when it goes down though.

Regards Keith.
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