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Another question about 6" pipe.

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I know, I know, you all say that a 6" flue is way too small for a coal forge. I live in the middle of town and have an existing 6" flue in my shop. I am kind of restricted to one of two options. 1) Make the 6" work. or 2) Put the forge outside and not have a stack at all.

I plan on using charcoal, or maybe the corn method I just learned about 5 minutes ago. Is it possible that the 6" flue might draw well enough for charcoal or corn. I plan on doing smallish work, not building cannons.

I am also wondering about $/hr for burning charcoal.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

The forge I have is a Canedy (sp?) Otto forge with a Royal Chief blower. The other option is the small riveter's forge with a champion 400 blower.



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its not the matter of what fuel its the issue of the volume of air moving in with the exhaust of the forge. If you add an inline fan, it might get you by, Add a CO/CO2 detector to keep you safer to monitor the gasses not being removed from that small chimney

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I would suggest a side draft hood VERY close to the fire. Pre heat the chimney with a couple pages of newspaper set on fire, followed by two more, then build a SMALL fire with a hole in the center for the fire to escape. This will help create draft and help burn the smoke. From there you will have to play with the set up to see just how large a fire you CAN use and how much smoke (exhaust) the 6 inch pipe will capture and take out of the shop. You may have to look into the 55 Forge with the supercharger attached or alter the plans to fit your situation. Straight chimney with no bends is best and you need all the draft you can get for this to work.

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