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So I have a backyard forge I built into the ground, and It just wont get hot! I use a one-horsepower blower and it still won't get hot. Any ideas?

What are you using for fuel? How many CFM is the blower? Got any pics?
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What Fuel? What are you using for a tuyere? Are you putting the air in at the bottom of the hole?

Since a blowdryer puts out too much air for a typical forge; are you putting too much air into the system?

DETAILS! So far you have said "I have a car, it doesn't run---what's wrong with it?"

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I have a ground forge with side blast tuyere. It is kind of finicky. It will generate a lot of sparks and ash and radiate a lot of heat and ash upwards, and suddenly hit a sweet spot and burn or melt the piece. Then, back again to too cold. I think it is something about this kind of configuration. I have found that when it is too cold, that is caused by the fire burning on top and radiating away all the heat. This is caused by too much air blast, and the coals are too cool at the bottom to burn, so the forge burns on top. This will not get hot. I have found that pulling a log or piece of sheet metal over the top gets it hotter quickly. Something about diffusing and diverting the air blast downwards. This can also be accomplished by tuning the air supply. Like I said, very finicky. With my design, it is easy to get off the sweet spot. But, there is no substitute for large pieces. If the piece fits (non architectural), it is much more preferable to put it in the gas forge. For small tweaks on large items, the oxy-fuel torch is the preferred tool. Like I said, very finicky. You learn to work around it.

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