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Leg Vise

don h

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I have my great grandfather's (Arthur B. Yeager 1862-1946)leg vise..marked IRON CITY within a Star..its 44" tall and 5" jaws. Seems to be great/good shape. ALso have pics of it in use in his blacksmit shop in Scranton, Pa late 1800's. Does anyone know anything about this type of vise? value? Is it something a blacksmith today would use? can't figure out how to send pics?? new at this...

vise pics.zip

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its something a modern blacksmith can use . they are not that rare and value depends on where you are and how nice the screw is ...ive paid as little as 10 bucks for a postvice and as much as 100 ... but ime cheap and am patient ..it looks good but without running out the bolt and looking at the threads its hard to tell .have fun!

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Almost every blacksmith will have at least one and likely more of these. New ones are about $700 last I saw advertised. Do you want to use it or sell it? E-bay will get the most money for it. It looks to be in good shape but as stated above the screw threads are very important to value. Could be worth as much as $200 to the right person. Most I have seen are not as nice looking as that one.

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Note that the new cost of a vise has little to do with the used cost----Cars cost over $10000 new but you can buy a lot of used ones for a tenth that price.

Price is alos location dependent, vises are much cheaper in Ohio than in New Mexico (by a factor of 2) where you are I don't know.

Last Quad-State Blacksmiths Round-Up the bottom of the market for usable post vises was around US$75 there were a few at around $300 for very large or very special ones.

If you wanted to get rid of it may I suggest you look into a trade with a smith? You might get more that the vise is worth in trade and the smith will be out time rather than cash.

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