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I have had an interest in Blacksmithing for some time and have been reading and watching videos, and had access for a week last year to a forge, but it wasnt enough. I really want to take classes, learn more, and get more hands on. I am in southern Illinois, within 30 minutes of St. Louis. Anyone have names/places that offer classes in my area? Thank you.

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From ABANA.org affiliate list I found for you:


Pres: Tom Schertz
PO Box 37
Tiskilwa, Illinois, 61368
Home: (815) 646-4748
Cell: (815) 866-4776

Ed: John R. Lovin
21735 E. Bakerville Rd.
Belle Rive, IL 62810
(618) 756-2331


I hope that you find this information helpful and contact them.

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Might check out the Indiana Blacksmiths Association's Conference in early June and give long hard thought about trying to get to Quad-State in Western Ohio, (Troy) in late September. I try to get to that one and I live in New Mexico---when I hit St Louis I start feeling like I'm on my last leg of the trip!

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Once you have checked all of the above links and such (all of them good one I might add) Check out this site; http://www.blacksmithchic.com This is the link to Lorelei Sims. She is the author of "The Backyard Blacksmith" (I also recommend this book!) She is in Charleston, Il, don't know if she would take on a student but the worst she could say is 'no', right? Once again, welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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I agree with Thomas Dean. Contact Lorelei and talk with her. She is a VERY good smith and has always been eager to help answer any questions that I have asked her. I live about 35 miles west of her shop. Her phone # at the shop is 217-345-1159.My guess is that if she's not interested in an apprentice, she will still give you a hand getting started. Welcome to IFI. :)

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