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is it worth the asking price?

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I am once again searching for the elusive london pattern anvil. I found this one on the dreaded list


is it worth the price they are asking

how about this one


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The first one is a farriers type anvil and in nearly new shape... so probably worth the asking price if that is what you are looking for.

The second one is not in great shape and not very big either... IMO their price is around 2X what would be reasonable in the current economic climate. If what you really want is a standard london pattern anvil for general blacksmith work neither seems to be a very good deal.

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Not to me since I have picked mine up for around $1 a pound over the last 20+ years.

Read the thread titled Real Prices of Anvils

It all gets down to what YOU want to pay, not what we would. If YOU can afford one of those, and it will do what YOU want to, and YOU are happy with the purchase, then it is a good deal to YOU.

I have items that I probably paid more than someone else would have, bu it was something that I wanted, and I was happy with the purchase.

You don't mention what type of work you do, but either one of those would be on the light side for me in my opinion. I would consider 125# on up to be right. Other than a 50#'er I bought for a specific purpose, my lightest anvil is a 125# JHM Journeyman farrier anvil that I got for a song. For what I was doing at the time it worked fine, and has a good shape to it. I got a new stump, so my 260# Fisher has been set back up since it is a much quieter anvil. My biggest anvil is a 306# Soderfors, and I wouldn't need to go any bigger than that with what I currently do.

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actually the first anvil doesnt sound to far out from price if it is new. you can buy a new 70lb anvil from the local farrier shope for about that same price and for the same weight.
as far as prices go again it is what you want to pay. the other day on our local craigslist there was a Hayden Boudan(probably not the right spelling) anvil. the weight was 205lbs and the asking price was $1300 i looked again later that same night and it had been sold. now dont know exact price it sold for.
i guess it is what you can find and what you are willing to pay. of course i am still on the lookout for a new(to me) anvil myself and check everyday.

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