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Thoughts on an anvil

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Hey all,
I am new to the world of glowing steel and hammers and am looking to buy an anvil from a friend of a friend of a friend. I can make out the name Wilkinson, some crossed ovals, the word "patented" and on the other side are 1 1 15. It doesn't ring, which I know means a cast iron body, but it does rebound pretty well. The edges are definitely not clean and the step is angled (I don't know if this is normal) and the horn is a little rough. From what I have read, at $75 it seems like a pretty good deal. Is there anything else I should check? Thanks for the words in advance.

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Sounds like a Wilkinsons 'Queens Cross' anvil from Dudley, West Midlands (Near Birmingham) About 50 miles from me!
I come across them from time to time, the ones I've seen are wrought iron bodies with a steel face welded on, similar in composition to a Peter Wright. I don't happen to have Postman's book regarding anvils, but I dare say that there will be more information on Wilkinsons in there.

The ones I've seen have had good rebound, but poor or little ring, this could be due to the fact that Wilko' anvils were forged from 5 separate pieces and maybe the ring dissipates due to the welds.

Hope this helps.

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At less than fifty cents a pound for a complete old English wrought iron anvil in usable shape weighing 155 lbs, that's not a pretty good deal.

It's a STEAL! You should consider wearing a ski mask to pick it up.

Thomas Powers will be jealous of that deal. :rolleyes:

But seriously, take a hammer and tap the face all over. It should have even rebound with no dead spots or buzzes, which would indicate the steel face separating from the wrought body. Even if it does, I would happily buy it for that price. Faces can be built up with welding rod, and the wrought iron in the body is worth more than that.

I recently acquired a Wilkinson with a side shelf and missing heel as a summer project/fixer upper.

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As I recall Wilkinson didn't make cast iron bodied anvils. They were a built up wrought iron body with steel face plate(s).

A sloping step is not an issue and maybe a "feature" once you got used to it. At that price rebound would be all I was concerned with (unless it had glaring flaws to the face)

And for the record: I'm not jealous---I keep telling folks that those deals are still around if they *hunt* and happy to have "independent confirmation"!

I hope you jumped on it!

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