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1 1/8" Hardy hole

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I just bought a Fontanini 250 lb anvil and was looking around at the commercially available hardy tools and don't seem to see any readily available.
IS upsetting a 1" tool or for that matter forging out a larger tool something that would make sense or am I likely to need to make all my own hardy tools.

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Many of the hardie tools you will need you will have to forge yourself. If you want to buy your tools and not make them you can take a piece of 1/8 sheet and bend it 90 degrees and wedge it in the hardie hole to adapt it to 1". Also if you could find some 1 1/8 square tube in 16ga you could slide that over your hardie shanks and weld it on. It will make a nice neat job and look professional. I dont know if they make that size but my gut tells me they do. Try a place called Fleischer tube http://www.fleischertube.com/index_1.html if they make it he has it. Tell Steve Tim Miller sent you.

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Cut a shot piece of angle iron to fit in one corner of your hardy---slice down the bend about 1/2" and bend the tabs out so they will rest on your anvil's face

Slowly acquire the proper sized ones as you find them. (One of the ones I bought at Quad-State last fall the previous owner had welded a piece of angle to the hardy tool stem to make it fit his anvil.

If you are using spaces it can help to spary paint the space and tools that go with it the same colour so it's fast to grab what you need from the "pile".

Since I have 1.5" hardy holes, (yup plural), I've been picking up old top tools and forging the eye down to fit the hardy holes

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