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Heat treat query

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You can draw temp on a knife by heating a larger piece of steel, placing it on the back of the blade and watching the colors run then quench...but then I don't do blades...wait for a REAL bladesmith's answer. :rolleyes:
Why take a chance of messing it up, take the time to fix the forge and then finish your blade. You will most likely be glad you did...

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For a small blade a torch is OK---just don't use the high pressure O2! It helps to have a couple of soft firebrick to help hold the heat as you heat up the blade.

Quench in *warm* vegetable oil NOT tapmagic (note that cutting oils are often sulfurized and sulfur is something you want to stay OUT of a blade!)

Draw temper as you usually do---I usually do a base temper a couple of times in the kitchen oven---where use of vegetable oil for quenching instead of used motor oil or other nasty stuff can save your life! Then I draw the back/spine of a blade further back with tempering tongs or a propane torch.

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