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Anvil Hardy Cones?


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Does anyone know where to find an anvil hardy cone, preferably 4" base or so?? Id rather not have cast if possible but will if I have to..
Also what about making one, anyone know of a material to start with that wont require hours and hours of forging :blink: Thanks

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I found one at the flea a while back. Too big for the 7/8 hardy in my PW. Tried forging the shaft down to size (started at over an inch) but didn't have any good cone gripping tongs at that point. After sanding and grinding just enough to get it started in the anvil, decided to sacrifice the tip and hammer the thing into the hardy hole at yellow heat. Took less time than I thought, trashed the tip of the cone more than I thought too.

I do have tongs that'll grip 7/8 square though, and the tip wasn't that hard to reforge down to a (sortof) point, there was some splitting at the tip and I was able to weld it back into one piece. Belt sander took out the last hammer marks on the cone.

If you have hardy shank stock on hand it might not be too hard to upset and then forge to a point. 4 inches is big though.





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They used to sell test samples that were turned cones at Quad-State. The original ones came from Timkin IIRC; you might try to tack down a company that run the same tests and see about buying their scrap.

OR talk with a local Vocational Technical school about have a couple made as a class exercise. I have several times got amazing machine work done for a minor contribution to the "end of the semester party fund" (and the students said it was a lot more interesting than doing some of the "book" projects.)

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