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Some things i have been working on

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Heres a bunch of roses i made for christmas gifts, then decided i could make more andpost-9924-0-72437400-1293671748_thumb.jp sell them. People seem really interested in these. Thanks to Mark Aspery for putting these in his books.
I also made a damascus shawl pin at the request of my wife. I had a billet of 15n20/1080 that i had made before the holidays, so i chiseled off a piece, slit, drifted and worked to shape on the horn of my hay budden, and cut the pin off another billet i had. Let me know what you think. I see shawl pins on etsy for $20 to $60, but i have never seen any damascus.






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Thank you very much Mark, Rokshasa, and Caleb. I think a damascus rose would be way too labor intensive if trying to sell or make any money, but i have thought about the concept as an artistic point of view. Might do that some time!
The roses are made from 16 ga sheet which i plasma cut the petals from. The stem is from 1/2 inch round stock which is upset to about 3/4 and butchered to make a tenon for the petals.. Then the stem is drawn out leaving the upset as the bud beneath the petals. I used hot rolled round stock and it works like butter at a nice bright heat. I just got a pair of Grants aspery tongs so i can start welding leaves onto the stems for a more custom look. The upsetting method was shown in Mark Aspery's book "the fundamentals of blacksmithing", Dick Fedder apparently showed Mark that and he put it in his book. Two guys i would like to meet someday! These roses are pretty labor intensive, but are great for hammer control and practice. Peening 60 petals will give the forearms a good work out!

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