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Purple Mako shark


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The only forging done was a couple mounting brackets on the back side, but I had to show this gift for my sister in law. Who is a big fan of sharks and anything purple. Thus, the purple Mako shark.
Made from a scrap electrical panelboard. it it 1/8" thick by 7'5"

Cool, What a cracking weathervane that would make !
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Nice job, but where are the teeth? Makos have those cool skinny round teeth.

How much did it end up weighing? Did you pound it into a shot bag, or some other form, or did you form it over a stake?

thanks guys. I really like the weathervane idea!
it must weigh in somewhere around 60 lbs, the brackets in the back are made for 3/8 in lags to hit studs, so it should be firm on the wall. Despite how it looks in the picture it is flat, any curve you see is an illusion from the grinding and paint. I thought about throwing some depth in and then using my english wheel, but 1/8 is just too thick for that so I settled on flat. As for teeth, I didn't want to make it menacing as I have a suspicion it will end up on her dining room wall.
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interesting paint job. How did you get the effect of depth ? Paint it, then power wire brush it back to steel for high lights ???? Is it clear coated ?

Well, I do a couple things that come together to cause an illusion. First off is decide where the center line is, then scotchbrite in differenet directions so you cause a line, that acts like shading. Then the second is the translucent paint, which really helps fool the eye. third is the naturally occuring place where the sharks color stops at about that same midway line, but not exactly. blending over the midway line a tiny bit with some overspray helps to make it look natural.(if you masked it off it would be obvious that it was flat). Fourth the clear coat(several layers) helps with depth.
I do wish I could have done this in blue as the translucent spray paint would have really looked natural.
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