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Whittling Knife


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Hey Guys,

Here's a whittling knife I made for a freind of mine. Tested it by carving a small spoon from an old pice of cherry that was lying around. It carves really nicely :)
Made a little sheath to go with it aswell. Didn't turn out TOO bad really. Leather working is something I want to learn a bit better in the near future.

Some specs:
Blade: O1 tools steel, 60mm long
Handle: brass-maple-brass-walnut with a brass pin, 115mm long




Thanks fro looking,
take it easy ;)

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very nice, carving always gives a nice effect. what do you use for carving? you can shape the leather to fit the knife. just wrap the knife in celophane(so it doesn't get wet), soak the leather with water to soften it, then wrap the leather around and rubberband around the handle, press the blade part with pieces of wood and a clamp and let it dry. finally cut the string holes, glue, sew and trim. this method always works for me. and if you want it harder as well as waterproof, just melt in a little wax and wipe off excess. i have a sharpening stone i made a leather case for and this was the method i used. it is fairly simple to work leather when you do it a few times. and if you want to get fancy, you can tool the leather.
great work, cant wait to see the next one. :)


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hey thanks for the comments guys :D

Ed Steinkirchner: for carving I use a chip-carving knife and one or two palm gouges. I do stop cuts along all the curved lines with the gouges, and cut the straight lines with the chip carving knife. Then use the chip-carving knife and gouges to create the relief effect. At the end i clean it up with a small piece of 400 grit sand paper.
Thanks for the advice about the leather work :) What kind of glue is good to use on leather?

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www.leatherworker.net it is the IFI of leather, and there are some Irish/UK folks that post there as well. It is a world wide forum with some great talent.

My Mom taught me leather working many years ago, and I taught it at Boy Scout summer camps for a few years.

As to glue, contact cement works good. There are several types of glues that can be used depending on the application of the item. You can also get creative with various stitchings, and lacing.

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the way i carve is with 2 chisels, a skew and a straight. it gives more options in design and allows you to make smoother carvings once you get used to it. if you want to see some great stuff look into the work of Jake Powning. he has a carving tutorial here,
this is the same way i carve all of my scabbards and handles.
Also i second the use of contact cement for gluing leather, but in a pinch ive use gorilla super glue, which i always have in the shop.
once again great work :D

Ed Steinkirchner

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