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New Mounting Bracket Build


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I had a customer came to me and asked if I could locate a mounting bracket for his 6" leg vice, and make a spring, too. The vice used to be his grandfathers and he can't locate the bracket or the spring. I checked Ebay, Craigs list and asked around our area. But nobody knew where to find a bracket. I have a 6" vice that I use in my shop. But the one that he has is a bit beefier than mine. So I got some 1/2" plate and had a local man that has an O/A torch cut out a bracket that I made a template for. I made it a little bigger than mine. I also had some 1 1/2" square bar. So I cut it, drilled a series of holes down the center (for the wedges) and cleaned the inside with a file. It came out a lot better than I expected. Now I have to clean up the not so great cut around the outside of the plate and weld the wedge block on. Here's a couple of pics of what I have so far. I'll post the finished pics in a couple of days.


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post-10376-0-57032600-1292558932_thumb.jYes it is doable but I would advise the help of a striker I did mine myself by hand for the slit and drift was quite a work out, I was able to use the powerhammer to flatten the end. not as nice as southshoresmith's but I can say that I forged it
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Very nice Grant!

IIRC Richardson or one of the other older texts shows a way of making these out of plate- cut or forge the back end to shape, and draw a long flat tang on the end that will get the wedges. Fold the tang back on itself for a short way and forgeweld. Fold the tang back again and weld where the doubled section meets the mounting plate, leaving a gap for the wedges. Easier to draw than explain, it really is pretty simple.

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