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salvage yards, where ?

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i have been trying to locate a salvage yard in northern ca. with little success. i think it would be a good thread to show yards all over the states and a brief review. thanks

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Sac has some large scrap metal yards, but you can probably locate a lot of material around Sonora.

Drop by auto body shops- they replace bent center links, bent leaf springs, tie rod ends, etc.

Check the ads for cars being parted out. Ask them to call you before it goes to scrap. They can supply axles, coil/leaf springs, suspension components.

Truck repair facilities. Forklift rental yards may have bent forks that they are tossing. Rental yards/Big Box stores for used up jackhammer bits. Tell the scrappies what you are looking for. Watch Craigslist for freebies, or inexpensive items. Local farmers usually have some scrap laying around that they may let you have for hauling it off. Keep your eyes open as you drive around, it will amaze you what you see when you are looking for it.

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My local non-ferrous metals scrapyard is usually overjoyed to be able to get rid of the ferrous scrap that "sneaks in". Getting friendly with the crew at a recycling station can pay off bigtime too! A medium sized ornamental iron Fab shop used to let me raid their scrap bin for *free*---they had to pay to have it dumped and I *always* asked. Came in when it wouldn't disturb production. Wore proper PPE, and left it in better condition than I found it so they could load a bunch more in it.

Get in touch with your local "scrappies" too; my brother does clean-ups/hauling and just gave me 6' of what may very well be 2" round wrought iron!

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Action Metal Recycling
385 Pittsburgh Avenue Richmond, California 94801

I've gotten scrap from them for years. Round and square rod, plate, pipe (some of it big, my gas forge is from there). Its primarily a recycling yard, so they are happy to have people there to buy. I've been moved to the front of the line at the scale when I mention I'm buying.

In the last year or so they've really focused on recycling, so some of the really cool scrap is gone, but last time I was there maybe 3 months ago, I saw a power hacksaw with a broken off cast iron leg in the way back.

worth a trip if you're in the east bay. Back when my daughter was 5, they let me bring her in the back to look for scrap, 'just hold her hand and watch out for the forklifts'. I think it was her overalls and pink Barbie workboots but they were very cool.

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