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One of my Last Dai-Sho


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This is a dai-sho done in the Kanmuri Otoshi style forged in the Kobuse method using a laminate of 1095 and wrought iron as the outer jacket and wrought iron for the core. The Hada is Itame and the hamon is more or less Toran (billowing) at least that’s what it looks like to me…

The blade dimensions are:

Katana: Nagasa: 33”, tsuka: 14”, OAL: 48”.

Wakizashi: Nagasa 23”, tsuka: 11”, OAL: 36”

Both the Katana and the Wakizashi have two Bo-hi and are mounted using furniture that was made by my friend Fei who owns an art foundry. The fittings are gorgeous and are art bronze finished in a deep patina and the accents are gold and silver leaf. In a “Cloud Dragon” theme. Very nice mounts indeed, especially the Fuchi..not a very common style. Was a bit of a pain to do the ito but once I figured it out..it wasn't all that bad and looks so nice as well.

The dragon Menuki are sterling silver for contrast under the black silk tsuka-ito . The grips are “waisted” as they are narrower in the center and wider at the ends and are covered with blood red Samegawa and wrapped in the black silk ito.

The siya are done in poplar and finished in deep red under a black cracked lac and then sealed with a very hard polyurethane piano finish that I have been using for the last little bit that seems to hold up quite well to the little bumps and dings one gets when walking around the dojo. It also gives a nice “depth” to the finish that I really like a lot.

These cut quite well and I will be bringing these up to a full polish as I am seeing a good deal of activity along the Habuchi.. I will see more once I get “into it” a bit more.

All in all I think that these turned out quite well. They cut great by the way..no "hesitation" or drag in the cut due to the blade geometry. These two are one of the last of my Japanese Blade series for book IV...once I am done with these..no more Japanese blades..







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That grip style went in and out of "fashion" several times over the last 1000 years. I wish I could say I came up with it but I may be old but I'm not THAT old...

The Kanji on the tsuba, I was told, reads: "Let the blood freely flow"..which is quite in line with the use of the sword.

All in all I think they turned out well.. I have a few more left to do in this series and once these are done..NEVER AGAIN..

The last dai-sho I am making is a laminated Kata-Kiriha-Zukuri which is a very rare sugata (shape/cross section) that was at one time (Hienan Period) very popular but I can tell it's a real PITA to make already. I will post blade pics once I get them done and before they are mounted..


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