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Lapidaries Sword


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Nice bit of work all round! Did you polish the stone? Petrified wood, agate, quartz, etc. take a little equipment. I don't know how well they'll take flex in the handle though, what did you use for an adheasive on the grip?

Frosty the Lucky.

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I didn't do it! :rolleyes: I just found it while looking for some stuff on making my own lapidary machines and thought that those of you who make swords may want to know of a method of setting stones in your swords pommels and hilts. I didn't make it and if I were I wouldn't cut it out of a blank of stainless steel like that. Still it is a pretty sword shaped object of art. No real sword was harmed in the making of this object. :P
They also have a "kife art" forum there for other stone work involving knives so take a look at that too, http://gemstone.smfforfree4.com/index.php/board,34.0.html <_<

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I thought they were interesting. I don't think that it is at all functional as a sword but as to setting the stones I though there was something to that. I also found the making of stone scales for the folders interesting and beautiful. Turns that old pocketknife into a work of art. Yeah, that is a fascinating web site. B)

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