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this is an old carpenter's hatchet i found under a stack of junk outside. with minimal forging and grinding ive got a new bearded axe! it is very sharp and i use it constantly. i debated whether or not to cut off the hammer end, and just figuted it would make it more balanced to keep it. the handle is from an old axe handle from an "heirloom" wood splitting axe that i kind of broke the handle on. the color is from being in a smokehouse for decades, actually i was splitting wood for said smokehouse when the head came off. the end was so messed up that it couldnt be refitted so i threw it in the corner. it was the perfect size for this hatchet. the decoration at each end was to get rid of a chip at the butt, and to hide the fitting cuts at the top.

post-1642-028919300 1287010039_thumb.jpgpost-1642-048725100 1287010053_thumb.jpg

Ed Steinkirchner

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I made some of those about 10 years ago; but generally I cut off the hammer head poll, makes them lighter and for an axe I don't care if it's "balanced".

Nice project for when you don't want to light up the forge but are willing to grind!

It was my forge kindling hatchet until I forged a hatchet by bending double a farrier's rasp and forge welding it into a light camp hatchet.

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I often like to leave a small poll on mine (often ball peen conversions). I find it useful when splitting and carving as a convenient place to strike. I can be more accurate driving it as a sort of handled chisel or small froe. For a carver it is a nice feature. I round the face of the poll like you would for a chisel or other struck tool. You could drive stakes with it too for camp use (or for setting up exhibitor canopies).

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