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I Forge Iron

Forge Pikkies!!!...And more forge Pikkies!!!

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G'don y' Archie,

Make the pipe down the bottom at least 2 inches diam, make the hole in the clay a sort of upside down cone...2 or 3" inches at the bottom, about 5 inches high and about 8 or 9 inches across the top. You might need some hungry boards around the top of the box as it seems the fire is very close to the bottom of the box.

Let the pipe go all the way through the box with a cap on the end. where the clay hole (duck's nest) meets the pipe, drill 6 or 7 3/8 holes in an interesting pattern. It seems there's too much fire for the size of the air holes.

For what it's worth that's what I'd do. But I'm only me and I make my fair share of useless prototypes.

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That's pretty clever. I do worry that it might be hard to use, since it's so low to the ground. However, I prefer to stand, and there are many folks who have build "sitting forges" or work from a hole in the ground.

Good idea! :)

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Here's an idea...

Use concrete blocks to raise the forge to working hieght. Then when you're done and the forge is cooled, place a plywood piece (cut to forge dimensions) over the forge and stack the blocks on the plywood. Maintains portability, and most likely gives more stability than legs.

Just an idea...


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I just put in a "bellows". It's a big red plastic thing, and it has the air valve at the top, and works like a japanese box-forge. It's used to inflate pool toys or something. I don't have a pool so it's no use for anything else. It blow a lot of air VERY hard. It's got twice the air capacity of my old fireside bellows, and blows thrice as hard.

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more pikkies!!!!!

in action: :D 8)

my whole metal pounding setup:

pumping air into the fire:

what I ate for dinner on thursday, killed by yours truly:

my hand holding a red hot piece of metal. I could get it up to a bright yellow heat if I took more time:

don't touch it! It's hot!

I burned my left index fingertip very badly by accidentally touching my work just after quenching, when it was still VERY hot. I'll finish the knife over the weekend.

Edit: photos added

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Archie, next time you build a fire, try adding fuel to a depth of 4-6 inches. Then add enough air to get a fireball. I would expect it to be maybe less than the length of your airtube and maybe 2-3 inches in diameter or more. When you put the metal into the top section of the fireball, give it just enough air to keep the fireball up to temp, not loosing or gaining temp. When the metal goes back into the fire for the next heat, just add enough air to bring the fireball back up to temp, and then transfer that heat to the metal.

I think you have the right idea, just not enough fuel in the forge.

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My anvil is the yellow shafted hammer next to my forge on the first pic. I use the head as a pounding surface, and will until I can get a proper anvil. I am saving up for a good one which I will propably make portable too. somehow. :) The amount of fuel I used in the fire did make it difficult to heat the metal, but it got hot pretty quickly, so I didn't bother adding much more, but I will next time. :D

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For a bit of fun amongst us blokes that think we know what we're doing I suggest a series of member photos. The scenerio being that if you're stoney broke with no tools except what you could borrow from your "handyman" neighbour's kitchen drawer what would you come up with as a forge. The next time someone like Archie asks how to build a forge..... Yes, the 55 forge is good but needs just too much skill and resources for what I'm thinking :)

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Just adding up the costs, let's see. Hair dryer $30 to replace your sister's one you blew up. Pipe nipple; trip to shop $2, nipple $2 = $4. New spade handle (I wonder why) $10. Electricity. So is $44 is the current benchmark unless the above come from the hard rubbish :wink:

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