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Need ideas how to hide screw holes on wall art

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The clients would like me to make these wall hangings but prefer not to see any apparent screw heads.
After 24 hours, I still don't have a solution !
Any ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks !


post-8684-016182500 1285958124_thumb.jpg
post-8684-068017600 1285958140_thumb.jpg

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For the sail boats, how about making the two mast tops from solid discs, then you could use screws through to hang it from, and finish the heads the same as the rest of the item

On the disc, make one or more keyhole plates or loops and secure them (weld, solder, rivet) to fit at the back of the item and hang over a screw(s) mounted in the wall.

Its always difficult to assess things from simple line drawings or small pictures, and not knowing where or what they are going to secured to.

There are many ways to achive what you want, I hope these help.

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I have used a post and sleeve construction in the past. In fact I have an install to do in the coming weeks that I have been working out hiden hangers.

The art pieces are sheets of steel, so I have the chance to weld to the back side.

I will cut 1" pieces of 1/2" square tube - I have lots of this from makeing railing and fence panels.

I will drill and tap holes in the side of the tube so I can screw in a small screw.

I will then weld the square tube to the back of the piece.

After coloring the powder coating I will take the piece to the clients location.

Holding the piece in location I will tap (lightly) over each spot there is a hidden sleeve so there is a mark in the sheetrock.

I can then set the molly bolts and screw in the headless screws (or leave the heads on if they will fit inside the 1/2" square tube)

I can then slide the piece over the exposed screws and then tighten down the screws tapped in the sleeves.

Or...at least that has worked for me in the past and I hope it goes this smooth!

Good luck,


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With Double Y's suggestion an addition. Make up a nut and bolt to fit the keyhole or mounting hole, except sharpen the tip of the bolt. You want to make a fine stinger and a shoulder instead of a continuous taper. Make up enough for all your mounting positions and fasten them to the artwork, position, tap with your fist, and then take down. Even on wood paneling the mark will be plainly visible, and small enough to hide mistakes on drywall with paint.


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