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no discernible markings

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i would really appreciate any info on this. The seller (who says he doesnt know much about anvils) says that he has this laying around for a while. he says it does have a "ring" so most likely it is not cast. he also says:

On a bathroom scale it's showing 165# measurements are 4 1/2" wide at the face, 23" long and 10" high. It has a few scars.

i cant see any discernable markings in the pix, so if anyone has any info based on shape, etc. i would be grateful.

post-15015-075313900 1284852232_thumb.jp

post-15015-099697600 1284852278_thumb.jp

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hey, thanks, to both of you. Actually, that's what he's asking, $150. he only lives about 2 hours from me so i would be able to pick it up. i have seen some on ebay that are in nicer shape but by the time i pay shipping, well, that's quite a chunk of change. And as this would be my first anvil for just starting out, i figured it would probably be a good starter. Any more input would still be much appreciated.
thanks again

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It is a little sway backed but Those edges look pretty decent to me. Just as a cheap extra I'd say it's worth $150. For a starter anvil a pretty fair deal IMO. A useful size too. I'd take a grinder and smooth that far edge a bit and round over some of the near edge as it seems overly sharp. It does look like a mousehole anvil. You could try to negotiate the price a little but personally I would go prepared to pay what he asks as that seems reasonable.

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i went to look at this anvil, and i was able to make out words that appear to be

Wilkerson Queen's Dudley with crossed ovals (cannons?) under the name wilkerson.
there appears to be some numbers on the other side but i cant make them out. (i think i read on one of these posts that a wire wheel on a power drill works good for cleaning the grime and stuff. any other ideas?) does anyone have any info on this brand of anvil? dates etc. it does seem to have decent rings to it. the seller says he got it from a building on an old airport in New York that was being torn down. no other history known. i am going to try to clean this up a bit then i can post more pix.
thanks for any help.

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