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What did it hold?

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An acquaintance was cleaning out a shed on his property and found this sheath, he was going to toss it but I figured I could make something to fit. What I'm wondering is what did it hold to begin with? looks mostly hand made, outer shell looks like conveyor belt, copper rivets made possibly from nails, a plastic buffer with some small cut marks that could have been made from a saw-like blade

post-7113-089873600 1284739963_thumb.jpgpost-7113-019568600 1284739971_thumb.jpgpost-7113-046035800 1284739979_thumb.jpgpost-7113-045117900 1284740127_thumb.jpg

its the curved shape and small round cutout from the end that confuse me.

Edit: its about 20" total length

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I have one similar that was use for a limb saw that fits on a long-stick as used by electric linemen.

They have coarse, sharp, aggressive teeth that allow you to cut branches with a fiberglass hot-stick.

Not sure what the small pocket would be for though.


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My guess is that it`s a sheath for tree service work and it clipped to a climber`s belt by the ring.
Many times a climber will need to clear small branches on his way up that don`t warrant hauling up and starting a chainsaw the hand saw and pruning shears are what he`d use in that case.
As for the cut out on the end,your guess is as good as mine.It looks like an owner mod rather than a factory cut.As a previous post stated those saw teeth are very sharp and I can`t see why someone would want the end exposed like that.It`d hang on both the rope and the climber on his way up and cause possible damage to both.

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I would concur with the limbsaw and pruning shears. That was going to be my two cents worth before reading the reply posts. As Bob said, I feel that the knotch at the bottom was not a factory cut. If it was, I think that the stitching would have continued through the curve and if it was to show whether there was a blade in there or not it would (should) have the leather on the backside or body side still there to allow for some protection.
Speculations abound.

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Hey Guys,

Everyone who said it is for holding a hand saw and pruning shears is correct. I worked as an arborist (tree surgeon) for several years and climbed with a scabbard like this attached to the climbing saddle on most occasions. I have never seen one with a notch cut out of the end. It was most likely done by the owner, not the manufacturer.


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Lets the sawdust and water out. Ever try cleaning a sheath? Not fun. It is also a good idea to wash tools with a sanatizing solution to prevent the spread of plant disease.

I like the folding style tree saws if I am going to climb. I climb for fun not as a job, I hire pro's for more than the hand saw will take.

You may be able to make a machete or kukri to fit. Make a card stock template and see what you can get in and out easy.


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