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the copper is 3/16. i love to work heavy you get textures you cant get out of thinner materials and you can take what you are making much further into a negative space. My customers like it to they look at the price and cringe but then handle to piece and usually go " holy xxxx no wonder it is that much"

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I love the bowls. It looks like you let the copper tarnish then polish the high spots. Do you put any clear coat on it to preserve the finish or do you let it continue to tarnish. If no clear coat, what does it look like after it continues to tarnish? Does it continue to keep its depth?

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Right on,Kburd,wonderful stuff!Really neat work,and a very valid point about the weight.
I went to visit this German smith who was visiting here,and there was this picture frame that he made.At first it didn't impress me that much.But then someone took it off the wall and handed it to me...I was instantly in love,the stinking thing was about 40#!Felt great,didn't want to put it down... :P

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