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RIP - Bob W. Loveless

Sam Salvati

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I am heartbroken, I got a horrible call last night, one of my oldest friends passed away. Robert Waldorff Loveless, a true legend in the custom knife world passed away. Man he and I go back 35 years. I don't need to mention all that he did for the custom knife world, if I did I could fill up this website.

I just figured that folks should know...

A Living Legend is no longer alive and that is a shame, but it is the way of mortal Man. He was a true friend and I will miss him greatly... We started the California Knifemaker's Association together all those years back. Man this is a sad days for knife folk...


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So sorry to hear that, but although he may have gone, he still lives on, everytime one of his students puts hammer to iron, a part of him is there, nearest to immortality man can get.

I am sure in years to come there will be many times you feel him on your shoulder.

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This is only a temporary good-bye, sad though it is. His anvil ring is filling heaven like the bells of a church.
Until we join him, he will be missed and mourned by us that he left behind. The knife making world has lost a master to the craft.
My prayers to his friends and family.

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