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So did I get a good deal or not

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I just picked up this Fisher for $200, it is 208#'s. I attached a couple of pictures. The one of the top has a dark spot by the horn that looks like a chip but it is not it is just a darker spot. I don't think I did too badly for my first one. This is the one listed on the Youngstown Craigslist. Let me know if you think I got a decent deal or not.
post-14247-013178900 1279868971_thumb.jp post-14247-083140400 1279868938_thumb.jp

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Less than a dollar per pound if it rebounds decently I'd say you got a real deal! I just paid $3 per pound for a Peter Wright and felt like I made a good deal! Fisher anvils are noted for their relative quietness and considered good quality.

I agree.
I've seen worse edges than that, the top face looked good and if it rebounds well and sounds solid, then you've done real good.
Welcome to the addiction wink.gif
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I would try the "universal deal test".Pick a simple project to make on that anvil.Set up a mirror close to the anvil.Make the project.Immediately upon completion of and while still holding said project look directly into the mirror.A smile=good deal,frown=not so good deal,grinning from ear to ear=really good deal.If you find yourself still grinning from ear to ear while you prepare to brush your teeth before retiring then,my friend, you made a "smokin` good deal".
This simple test applies to most tool purchases and is not limited to anvils. :D

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